Antminer A3 is a Asic miner produced by Bitmain and released to public on 16th of January 2018 . It hit hit the Market with Drama as usualy it does when Bitmain release new series Asic miner. Antminer A3 is programed to mine Blake2B mining alghorithm, at this time when we are writing this post Sis Coin is the only currency which is on this mining alghorithm.

But Drama was that Sia coin before Antminer A3 release anouncment , has making their own ASIC miner for sia coin which would be produced by ASIC manufacturer Obelisk . They had started to take preorders for this miner, and the funny thing was that who ever ordered their sia miner SC1, would get this miner after 6 month. But there came badass Bitmain and closed the show with their new miner. Im not sure how this worked out for the guys whoever pre ordered the SC1 miner from Obelisk, did they get refund or just bought a paper weight miner…/.