So after 4 month after Bitmain has announced Antminer E3 which is for Ethash mining algorithm has finally reached And we can rip the belly and see what this miner really uses to reach his performance on mining Ethereum. As we know that ethereum was advertised as ASICs free mining algorithm. And will be profitable to only mine with graphic cards. But there it is first ASIC miner for ethereum Antminer E3.

At the first look, miner hasnt have anything special, everything as all the other Asic miners from Bitmain just slightly bigger, about double the size of Antminer S9. Packaging is good as it is always on their miners. It does have 2 cooling fans at the front and nothing at the back of the miner.


Test results :

  1. Hashing Speed – 200mh/s on average
  2. Power usage 740w from wall
  3. Noise level 70db

Important things:

Miner is booting quite long time , it took about 7-10min to connect it to mining pool, so if you have this miner be patient at miner boot.

Also you can connect it straight to mining pool with your wallet address not necessarily to have username and password.

Noise level at boot is very annoying, till miner didn’t start hashing fans spin at full speed, and believe me it is very loud 🙂 after miner has  started to hash think it is the most quite Application specific miner we had.


Summary Antminer E3:

So this is the review on antminer E3 , you choose if to buy it. At the current prices what bitmain is offering 1850usd , my opinion is that not worth to buy. As if you live outside China, most of the countries has import duty + you will need to buy a powersupply. Price per Mh/s is the same as you buy mining rig built in currently. Also power usage per Mh/s can be reached at the same level if you 6xRx570 4gb mining rig. And the biggest factor why its better to buy GPU mining rig as it would have some resale valu if the mining get unprofitable. That been said latest news comming out from Ethereum that it wont switch to POS-prof of stake till end of 2019.


Please see the video review :