360 mh/s mining rig in closed case/chassis.

Mineshop.eu has done some testing on closed chassis for 12xgpu mining rig. Mining rigs in closed case has got very popular lately as they are very efficient for cooling the graphic cards.

  • Parts used for this miner:
  • 13gpu case – https://mineshop.eu/frames-cases/mining-rig-chassis/
  • 12gpu mining motherboard – https://mineshop.eu/motherboard/ga-b250-fintech/
  • 2xpowersupplies https://mineshop.eu/power-supply/evga-supernova-850-g3-80-plus-gold-850w-fully-modular-ecomode/
  • 12xusb risers – https://mineshop.eu/cables/pci-e-1x-to-16x-powered-usb-3-0-extender-riser-adapter-card-bitcoin-ethereum/
  • OS- https://mineshop.eu/hard-drive/hiveos-mining-ultimate-software-solution/
  • CPU- https://mineshop.eu/processor-cpu/cpu-g3930-2-90ghz-kaby-1151/
  • RAM – https://mineshop.eu/ram/corsair-ddr4-4gb-value-select-desktop-pc-computer-ram-memory/

Benefits in closed case:

  1. cools graphic cards very good
  2. doesn’t get as much dust into computer components
  3. can place miners on top of each other
  4. spacing

Results after testing.

After installation the miner we where running some tests on it. As usually we do modified the graphic cards for most optimal mining. And we where able to reach 360mh with this setup at 1600w power usage.

There is one disadvantage on such mining rig, if you are house user. This miner is quite noise with the Delta cooling fans 6000rpm we where using. This miner was doing about 80db , the noise is very loud 😀 But otherwise its great for cooling graphic cards. Fan speeds on gpu was 0% and the temperature didnt reach over 50c.


Please see the video tutorial: