Mining should be very simple from building your mining operation and also monitoring. Building mining rigs since 2016 and have used many different kind of hardware for mining. Sometimes mining could be very skill based. Mining as a industry growing every year, and new hardware has been released. Lately i have been focusing on building mining rigs in all in one , ready to go setups. Setups where you just need to install GPUs and software to start mining. If you are following my tutorials couple month ago i have installation tutorial for setting up MineBox8. Which is all in one 8xgpu mining case.

So today i have NEW 12xgpu mining rig case/chassis. Components included in this setup:

Q-412 GPU mining machine system without graphic card 
PCI-e cables 24x 6+2+6+2 pin cables for graphic cards
Motherboard ONDA B250 D12P-D3, 2*2.0 USB,1*Power LED,1*HDD LED,1*POWER SW
CPU Intel Celeron G3900
internal DDR3 8G
Case 1.2mm SGCC Zinc-Coated Steel
PSU 220- 240VAC/50~60Hz/12A
Fan 5*12038 fans
Total Power 2400W±10%
Application temperature —10~45℃
Miner Dimension 737.6mm(W)*410mm(D)*185mm(H)
Packing Dimension 860mm(W)*53.5mm(D)*300mm(H)
Packaging Details Carton+PE foam
Net weight 17±5% Kg
Gross weight 20±5% Kg


The installation is quite easy and you can start mining in matter of minutes. Just follow the steps down bellow.

Mining Case assembling:

  1. Mining case MineBox 12 is ready to go mining case. Just remove all the packaging and you can start to install graphic cards straight away.
  2. Install GPUs in 12 – 16xPCI-e motherboard slots, screws also are included to attach them to case that they are built in rock solid.
  3. Attach power cables to Graphic cards, there is enough power cables to power up even the most power hungry graphic cards. Be very careful with cards which use a lot of power and has more then one 8pin pci-e connection. You might burn the cable, there is slitter cables used on this case.
  4. When GPUs are installed, there is also included bar. Which you can screw in to hold your graphic cards even tighter.

To start mining:

  1. For mining im using hiveOS, which is one of the easiest mining software’s to use. For installing hiveos i have flasher, which is great to installation tool. If you dont know hot to make flasher utility comment down below, i can do a setup tutorial if needed.
  2. Connect your lan cable, atx psu cable, flasher utility, keyboard and hdmi cable to motherboard for your monitor. Then boot up mining rig.
  3. While mining rig is booting , keep pressing DEL on keyboard. This will take you in motherboard bios.
  4. You need to get in BIOS to select primary boot option from your hiveos flasher, which will flash hiveOS to your hard-drive. Otherwise it will boot in Chinese windows which is currently installed.
  5. After saving primary boot option as your flasher, reboot mining rig. After rebooting it will start automatically installing hiveOS on your system. You will know when its done, it will shutdown the mining rig.
  6. Now remove the flasher utility from miner and boot the mining rig.
  7. You are done , it will connect to your hiveos account (apply flight sheet and OC) happy mining.

So in my test bench i have installed 12x MSI RX570 4gb cards:

  • Total hashing speed is 366 mh/s
  • power usage 1500w
  • Temperatures on GPUs 40-60c (fans on GPU are switched off)

Video :