HiveOS flasher utility , hiveOS installation 2019.

HiveOS is the ultimate mining monitoring and control tool for your mining operation. Specially if you do have large mining farm, it is very useful and very easy to setup. So i have created installation guide with Flasher utility. In simple words plugin usb or any other hardrive before booting mining rig. And it will install hiveOS to your mining rig hard-drive. But before that your will need usb stick or ssd and hiveos account. If you dont have one here is link how to create one

Se the steps for gpu rig installation are :

  • Download hiveOS flasher latest version
  • Also you will need installation tool (hdd raw copy tool or  Etcher)

  • Download latest GPU hiveOS image

  • When all the downloads are finished save and unpack them in one folder, this way will be easier to work with. For installation to flash-drive i will be using Etcher.So insert your usb flashdrive into PC and choose Flasher image in Etcher to load on this usb drive.

hiveos flasher

  • After you have flashed your hard-drive with hiveOS flasher, next thing is to copy over latest hiveOS image file.
  • Next edit your flasher sample-rig text file and insert your farmhash , you can find your farm hash in your hiveos account under farm settings.

hiveos farmhash

  • Now your hard-drive is ready for flashing, you can insert it in your mining rig. Boot up and go into motherboard bios, select primary boot option from your hiveos flashing utility.

hiveos instalation

  • After reboot it will start to install hiveos on your mining rig hard-drive. When it will finish , it will shutdown your system
  • Then remove your flashing utility from mining rig and boot. It should automatically connect to your hiveos account.

hiveos tutorial

Happy mining