Probably the most power efficient GPU for mining is Nvidia 1660TI.

1660Ti is value GPU from Nvidia graphic cards. NVIDIA graphic cards are quite good on most of the mining algorithms , but they are always quite expensive price per hash.

1660 Ti is amazing performer in mining , its great by price per hash and watt per hash. The low power usage keeps the graphic card very cool. So i decided to compare which is the best coin to mine on these graphic cards .Two most profitable coins currently for mining are Ethereum and Ravencoin .

System setup:

Testing Ravencoin

  • OC – (+150core, +1400mem, 115PL)  Performance 123-128mh/s @1090w
  • OC – (+150core, +1400mem, 100PL) Performance 123-128mh/s @650w

Testing Ethereum :

  • OC – (+150core, +1600mem, 100PL) Performance 232mh/s @650w


After inserting this data in profit calculator Whattomine, clearly can see that these cards currently is the best to use for mining Ravencoin (ETH -3.57us , RVN-4.88usd)


Even the GPU mining profit is still very low, these would be the one of the best graphic cards choice for mining. Specially if you electric price costs over average electric rate.

4 thoughts on “Probably the most power efficient GPU for mining is Nvidia 1660TI.”

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in the topic of mining and I have seen on your website the published tutorials but I have a doubt regarding the technology of the PCI 4.0 Vs 3.0 cards and with the electricity costs, for example if my electricity cost is $ 0.14 USD per KW I see that the best option is 1660 Super instead of 1660 TI or it could be the 5600 XT ? What is the real consumption of each of these cards? How long is the life time for mining in the case of the 1660 Super VS 5600 XT? Is it better to wait for the RX 3080?

    Thank you for your comments and cooperation.

    • What cards would you recommend purchasing for the rig knowing that the DAG file size will be 5.99 GB on 13/APR/2024 for ETH and ETC will be 5.99 GB on 12/DEC/2023. You can reach the ROI before these dates if you make an investment with the video cards 1660 TI or 1660 Super or 5600 XT ? it is really not worth it and it is better to invest in 5700 ?.

      Thank you

  2. I get 230 mhs with 4 @ 520 watts with 5700 xts with red bios mod. The card you mention is pretty good too, just letting you know what I’ve found to be the most efficient.


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