Sad news for RX 5700 as they have been absolute best mining cards lately for ROI. Most of the brands like MSI and Sapphire , they are now EOL. The XT version is still produced. Still a very good option but slightly more expensive then the non XT version for the same performance.

Just wanted to test out little brother RX 5600XT. After tests seems like a decent mining farm.

Efficiency rating is slightly better for power usage for hash then RX 5700 . But the RX 5700 is bout 0.7 usd cheaper for 1 mh/s. If the electric rate you pay is high then in long-term the days of ROI could be about the same.

Current time of ROI for 12xgpu mining rig is roughly 300 days at current ETH price and mining difficulty.

Performance :

  • 42mh/s
  • @100w from the wall
  • OC (910 mem , Core 1100, PL 100)

I have created also google spreadsheet to compare few of the cards efficiency . –

Full video review  –