This miner boasts an impressive performance of 1.6 TH/s at 600W. However, our testing revealed that it consumes 25W more than advertised, bringing the actual power usage to 625W. This small discrepancy is important for miners to consider when calculating profitability and planning their setup.

Announcements and Delivery Updates

The release of the Goldshell KA Box Pro coincided with some logistical changes from Goldshell. Originally, early April preorders were for the KA Box, which offers 1.2 TH/s at 400W. However, Goldshell announced that they would halt deliveries of the non-pro version and instead fulfill remaining orders with the KA Box Pro. This led to some customers receiving a mix of both models, with the latter half of shipments comprising the more powerful Pro version.

Profitability Insights

One of the standout features of the KA Box Pro is its profitability. As of now, this miner generates almost $7 worth of Kaspa coin daily. This figure can be verified on ASIC Miner Value, where real-time profitability data is available. Despite the higher power consumption, the KA Box Pro remains a highly lucrative option for home miners.

Performance and Overclocking

Based on our testing, we suspect that the KA Box Pro may be an overclocked version of the standard KA Box. This is suggested by its performance metrics and operating conditions. The device runs quite hot, reaching temperatures of 75°C in an ambient environment of 25°C. Additionally, it experiences a 1% hardware error rate, which further indicates potential overclocking.

Hashrate: 1.6 TH/s

Power Consumption: 625W

Operating Temperature: 75°C at an ambient temperature of 25°C

Hardware Errors: Approximately 1%, indicating potential overclocking

Quiet Operation and Easy Setup

One of the key advantages of the KA Box Pro is its exceptionally quiet operation. This makes it an ideal choice for home mining setups where noise can be a significant concern. Moreover, it supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enhancing its convenience and flexibility in terms of placement within a home environment.

Setting up the KA Box Pro is straightforward and follows the same process as other Goldshell devices. Users familiar with the Goldshell ecosystem will find the setup intuitive and hassle-free.

Comparing KA Box Pro and AL Box

When choosing between the KA Box Pro and other miners, such as the more profitable AL Box, there are several factors to consider. Despite the higher potential earnings with the AL Box, mining Kaspa with the KA Box Pro offers certain advantages. The Kaspa network already has established industrial miners, providing a more stable and predictable profitability landscape. In contrast, the AL Box carries higher risk; if industrial miners are released for the ALPH network, the resulting increase in difficulty could drastically reduce profitability.


The Goldshell KA Box Pro represents a powerful and profitable option for Kaspa coin miners. Its performance, ease of setup, and quiet operation make it a compelling choice for home mining enthusiasts. While it consumes slightly more power than advertised and runs hot, its profitability and user-friendly features outweigh these concerns. For those looking to enter the Kaspa mining space, the KA Box Pro offers a reliable and lucrative solution.

Happy mining!