Infinex masternode setup / tutorial.

How to setup Infinex masternode? Tools you would need for Infinex masternode: Infinex wallet 1000 infinex coins VPS –virtual private server When you have all of this you would just need to go and configure your masternode So these would be the steps you would need to follow to setup you masternode running smoothly : … Read more

Instant Exchanges with no Registration- Pros and Cons

Instant Exchanges with no Registration- Pros and Cons To prevent money laundering and to enforce local laws, most crypto exchanges are enforcing anti-money laundering rules. With exchanges that trade exchanges for cash, in particular, it’s hard to make a trade without giving up crucial personal details like names and addresses. It’s easy to understand why … Read more

Is Antminer B3 scam for Bytom, what is Bytom

Bitmain new business model again, you just don’t know what to expect from them. Hey hey hey Bitman , well guys you are on mining hardware channel here with Guntis and thanks for watching again. Bitmain is At it again, couple days ago their customer base received email that they are happy to launch New … Read more

asic miners

How to overclock L3+ asic miner | is it really profitable !!??

Antminer L3+ is a scrypt miner and the most advanced scrypt crypto currency is Litecoin. which has been in bitcoins shadow from its birth day. L3+ miners are made in China Bitmain factory which is the leading ASIC miner manufacturer by today , which might change in future as the BITMAIN is getting bad reviews … Read more

Bitcoin Mining vs. Ethereum Mining vs. Litecoin Mining – Comparison

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in particular, is an interesting field that has the whole wide world talking. The performance of Bitcoin on the market in 2017 and the endless use case capabilities offered by Ethereum’s Smart Contracts has made cryptocurrency the hottest topic around the world in these days. But it isn’t just about these … Read more