Avalon Miner A1246-83T 3420W

  • Algorithm Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate Hashrate 83TH/s
  • Consumption Consumption 3420W

Minable coins with Avalon Miner A1246-83T 3420W

  • Screenshot_24 BTC
  • Screenshot_25 BCH

Minable pools for Avalon Miner A1246-83T 3420W

Avalon Miner A1246-83T 3420W

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Parameters of Avalon Miner A1246 (83T)

The Avalon Miner A1246 83TH is a high-performance Bitcoin mining machine produced by Canaan. It has a hashrate of 83 terahashes per second (TH/s), which is a powerful computing capacity for Bitcoin mining.

The A1246 83TH miner is designed for industrial-scale mining operations, and it requires a high level of electricity and cooling infrastructure to operate efficiently. It is equipped with a high-quality cooling system that ensures its stable operation, even under high loads and high temperatures.

Hashrate 83TH/s, -3%~+3%
Power Consumption 3420W, -5%~+5%@Wall-Plug
Power Efficiency 41J/TH, -5%~+8%@25℃
Input Voltage 185-285V AC
Cooling 4 x12038 FANs
Operating Temperature -5℃~35℃
Noise 75dB(Max)
Net Dimensions 331mm *195mm* 292mm (13*8*12 inch)
Net Weight 12.8kg
Gross Dimensions 420mm *290mm *395mm (17*12*16 inch)
Gross Weight 14.1kg


Minable coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Joulecoin (XJO),  Peercoin (PPC), eMark (DEM), Acoin (ACOIN), Curecoin (CURE), Unbreakable (UNB),  Crown (CRW), Terracoin (TRC) and others.


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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 40 cm


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