DeFi Decentralized Finance , how to use it.

Up till now probably most of you who are in Crypto already know what is DeFi or have heard about it. DeFi is decentralized finance, it is tradition finance put on block chain. DeFi gained a lot of momentum in 2019,  more and more funds are been used for it. Ethereum seems to be the […]

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Cosmos staking, how to delegate your ATOM tokens to validators to receive block rewards 7-20% .

cosmos atom staking

We will have some introduction about staking, staking in block chain isn’t anything new. It has been talked for a while now , and also one of the top Block chains Ethereum are trying this to implement since 2016. So I will be staking some ATOM tokens on Cosmos block chain and will be showing […]

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ASIC Miner Value – The Best Platform for Crypto Mining Enthusiasts

ASIC Miner Value – The Best Platform for Crypto Mining Enthusiasts Looking to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Don’t know how and where to start? If so, you first need to have information about how crypto mining works. There’s no point in starting crypto mining when you have no mining know-how. There’re a number of […]

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Is Antminer B3 scam for Bytom, what is Bytom

Bitmain new business model again, you just don’t know what to expect from them. Hey hey hey Bitman , well guys you are on mining hardware channel here with Guntis and thanks for watching again. Bitmain is At it again, couple days ago their customer base received email that they are happy to launch New […]

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