Raven coin upgrading their network to x16r V2 mining algorithm ,to eliminate ASIC miners.

There is Raven coin network upgrade due on 01.10.2019 16.00 UTC. This upgrade will be to change their mining algorithm to new version. Raven coin dev team has been in strong direction from project launch. They want their mining to be very decentralized and they do not want any ASIC miners on their block-chain. Which […]

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Nvidia GTX 1660TI mining benchmark testing on hiveOS .

GTX 1660ti graphic cards where releases somewhere in February 2019. And they are value graphic cards from Nvidia, so it means good price , low power usage and very efficient for mining. Which makes the one of the most efficient mining graphic cards for mining some of the cryptos. Probably after our test the most […]

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Antminer Z9 review , how to mine Zcash!


Antminer Z9 review mining Zcash.   Antminer Z9 in one of the newest ASIC miners From Bitmain for mining Equihash Like Zcash , Zclassic , Zen Cash and other Shit-coins. So we got the miner for Tests couple days ago, as usually Bitmain with the specs are there are advertising on their website they are […]

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