1660Ti vs RX5700 | this mining rig is beast | which graphic cards to choose for mining.

Choosing graphic cards for mining is one of the hardest decisions when investing in mining rig built. There is a lot of factors involved , gpu price, hashrate they get, power use and how long it will take to ROI. These are the top asked questions. We will try to get some answers in this […]

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BIOS modified RX5700 | how to edit timings | 10% speed increase.

Up until now there haven’t been any handy tools which would allow to edit AMD RX5700 graphic card bios timings. Timing editing for AMD has worked very well in past and increased mining speed by 10%. The same is possible now with RX5700 gpu. We have tested this and it is working fine, we have […]

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MineBox 12 , GPU mining rig case all in one setup.

12 gpu mining rig case

Mining should be very simple from building your mining operation and also monitoring. Building mining rigs since 2016 and have used many different kind of hardware for mining. Sometimes mining could be very skill based. Mining as a industry growing every year, and new hardware has been released. Lately i have been focusing on building […]

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