1660Ti vs RX5700 | this mining rig is beast | which graphic cards to choose for mining.

Choosing graphic cards for mining is one of the hardest decisions when investing in mining rig built. There is a lot of factors involved , gpu price, hashrate they get, power use and how long it will take to ROI. These are the top asked questions. We will try to get some answers in this […]

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Probably the most power efficient GPU for mining is Nvidia 1660TI.

1660Ti is value GPU from Nvidia graphic cards. NVIDIA graphic cards are quite good on most of the mining algorithms , but they are always quite expensive price per hash. 1660 Ti is amazing performer in mining , its great by price per hash and watt per hash. The low power usage keeps the graphic […]

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KAPOW Ravencoin Benchmark testing, price per hash which GPU to choose

Here are some hashrate after testing few of the GPU on NEW Ravencoin Kapow testnet which will switch to main net today 06.05 Gpu prices per hash are calculated from GPU prices from amazon. Of course this is not very accurate , as not everyone pays the same price for GPUs. This is just to […]

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