Minebox 8 is best mining solution for GPU mining.

Mining is all about simplicity. We have been building mining rigs for years now. And have tested a lot if different kind of hardware and cases. Sometimes mining could be skill based. There are new tools developed to make it much easier. Software,hardware and full mining setup like Minebox 8. Which is one of the […]

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16gb rx570

Sapphire 16gb RX570 mining card testing and review.

Sapphire 16gb RX570 mining card testing and review. So this card was released from Sapphire about 5 month ago and currently are priced at 329 usd on their website. Which to me seems quite expensive after i have done some benchmark testing. I can see that this price has dropped as previously priced, couple month […]

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antminer s17

Antminer S17 review.

Antminer S17 is the latest release from Asic miner manufacturer giant Bitmain. it is built on 2nd generation 7nm chip technology. Which makes currently the most efficient bitcoin asic miner. If you are following crypto mining you have to know that Bitmain is the leading manufacturer for Bitcoin asic miners. As they have proven that […]

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