Monero mining Tests in closed case/chassis.

We will try to make it very short, as there is not much to tell about mining in closed case. So we had two different closed cases for test this time bot are for 6xgpu. One is 4u size case and the other is 6U size case. I wont be going into details, you can … Read more


360 mh/s mining rig in closed case/chassis.

360 mh/s mining rig in closed case/chassis. has done some testing on closed chassis for 12xgpu mining rig. Mining rigs in closed case has got very popular lately as they are very efficient for cooling the graphic cards. Parts used for this miner: 13gpu case – 12gpu mining motherboard – 2xpowersupplies … Read more

hiveos installation

How to install HiveOS and setup for mining !

HiveOS is ultimate mining software solution for gpu and Asic mining rigs. It has raised a lot of attention lately from miners big and small mining farms. HiveOS main version is built on Ubuntu, but they also have releases just about month ago version for windows users. To setup HiveOS is very simple if you … Read more

Antminer E3 review.

  So after 4 month after Bitmain has announced Antminer E3 which is for Ethash mining algorithm has finally reached And we can rip the belly and see what this miner really uses to reach his performance on mining Ethereum. As we know that ethereum was advertised as ASICs free mining algorithm. And will … Read more

Antminer A3 Review 22 05 2018 !?

Antminer A3 is a Asic miner produced by Bitmain and released to public on 16th of January 2018 . It hit hit the Market with Drama as usualy it does when Bitmain release new series Asic miner. Antminer A3 is programed to mine Blake2B mining alghorithm, at this time when we are writing this post … Read more

asic miners

Antminer B3 profitability , how profitable is to mine Bytom. has received Bitmain Antminer B3 and has tested mining profitability. As mining profits change daily as mining dificulty and currency price change. so at the time you are wathing this video the mining profits with Antminer B3 could be different as they currently are. After our 24hour tests Antminer profit is 40 usd in … Read more