Dell E2700P-00 – 2700W Refurbished Power Supply

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he Dell E2700P-00 is a high-performance power supply unit designed specifically for Dell servers and data center environments. With its robust design and efficient power delivery, it provides reliable and stable power to critical server components, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.

Key features of the Dell E2700P-00 include:

  • 36 PCIe connections
  1. High Efficiency: The power supply unit is engineered for high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimizing heat output, which helps to lower operating costs and improve overall system reliability.
  2. Hot-plug Capability: It supports hot-plug functionality, allowing for easy replacement or addition of power supply units without interrupting server operation, thus maximizing uptime and availability.
  3. Modular Design: The E2700P-00 features a modular design, making it easy to install and service. Its compact form factor saves valuable space within server chassis, contributing to improved airflow and cooling efficiency.
  4. Redundancy: Designed with redundancy in mind, the power supply unit offers redundant configurations to ensure continuous power availability even in the event of a single power supply failure, enhancing system reliability and fault tolerance.
  5. Comprehensive Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of Dell server models, providing seamless integration and interoperability with Dell server hardware and management tools.
  6. Advanced Power Management: Equipped with advanced power management features, the E2700P-00 optimizes power delivery based on system demand, helping to reduce power wastage and minimize environmental impact.

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