Crypto is of the chain in last month or so. Im exiting what 2020 will bring to us, it should be a good year. Lot of governments and Banks are starting to recognize the innovation. they are starting to realize that if they not going to act as soon as possible they might be left behind.

So a month ago, who ever is following seen that i have made a research, to generate more Bitcoin in bull market. The idea basically was to spend 2btc on 10 altcoins, 0.2btc each altcoin. Usually in bull market altcoins are outperforming Bitcoin and this reaserch will prove if this is true. This is the post what top ten altcoins i have bought in 2020.

I could not make up mind for 1 year what would be the best time to buy ALTS. And man i have chosen some great time, i have gained +32% in BTC. So my total capital now after one month is 2.64BTC.

So far the Best performing Assets has been Ethereum, Cardano,Chainlink,Tezos. Where Tezos has been the best performing 100% gains in one month.

There has been only 2 coins worst performing then Bitcoin, Cosmos -1.94% and Synthetix 23.48%

Because of the Bitcoin was performing very well this month, if we look at the value of usd gain is nearly 70%. If i was using usd and purchased all these coin in one month from initial investment 16220$ my current holdings are 27440$ . This is 11220$ profit in 30 days. These numbers are crazy.

Lets see if this will last, im quite confident it will. Please guys think with your head don’t think with your emotions when trading. I know it is hard when you missed 20% upswing in one day. Rather stay out of the trade and wait for pullback. In 90% it will come down to retest this high spike, don’t chase shooting stars.

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