Antminer L7

Mining cryptocurrency is a competitive and constantly evolving industry. The profitability of mining can vary depending on various factors, such as the price of the cryptocurrency being mined, the difficulty of mining, and the cost of electricity. Therefore, before investing in a mining device like the Antminer L7, it is important to carefully consider the potential costs and risks involved​.

Antminer L7 Specifications

Manufactured by Bitmain, the Antminer L7 is a powerful mining device released in November 2021. Weighing 15,000 grams and with dimensions of 195 x 290 x 370mm, this device has a maximum hashrate of 9.5Gh/s for a power consumption of 3425W. It operates optimally at temperatures between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of 5 to 95%. Furthermore, it is equipped with four fans to help with cooling and a built-in PSU​.

The Antminer L7 is designed to mine cryptocurrencies that use the Scrypt algorithm, including Dogecoin and Litecoin. It is capable of a hash rate of over 10000 mega hashes per second (MH/s) with a power consumption of 3500 watts with firmware customization, making it a highly efficient device for mining these cryptocurrencies​.

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Setting Up Antminer L7

To set up your Antminer L7, you will need an Ethernet connection to connect your device to the internet. After connecting your device, you can use the provided web interface to configure and monitor your miner remotely.

In addition, to enhance the performance of your Antminer L7, consider upgrading to Hiveon’s ASIC firmware. This firmware provides several benefits, such as increased efficiency and stability, making your mining operation more profitable.

Upgrading to Hiveon’s ASIC Firmware

Before you begin the firmware upgrade, make sure you have an SD card of up to 32 GB available. The process involves downloading the L7 firmware file, formatting the SD card to FAT32 with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme, and unzipping the downloaded file to copy its content to the MicroSD card.

Specifically, you will need to fill in the files in the root folder of the unzipped content, including the FARM_HASH file (with FARM_HASH from your farm settings) and the HIVE_HOST_URL file (with the API server if it is essential to replace it). Once this is done, you can insert the SD card into the control board’s slot on the Antminer L7, turn on the miner, and wait for the auto-tuning process to complete, which could take up to 2 hours.

The process of upgrading to Hiveon’s firmware involves a few steps, which I’ll outline in more detail below:


Before you begin, you will need an SD card of up to 32 GB.

Downloading the Firmware

  1. Start by downloading the archive with the L7 firmware file. You can find this file at the following URL:

Preparing the SD Card

  1. Once you have the SD card, you will need to format it to FAT32 with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition scheme. This can usually be done through your computer’s file explorer or disk management software​.

Unpacking the Firmware onto the SD Card

  1. After formatting the SD card, unzip the downloaded file and copy its content to the MicroSD card. In the root folder of the unpacked files, you will find files named FARM_HASH and HIVE_HOST_URL.
  • FARM_HASH: In this file, insert FARM_HASH from your farm settings. This will allow the ASIC miner to connect to your specific farm on Hiveon OS.
  • HIVE_HOST_URL: If it is essential to replace the API server, insert the new server address here. If the file is left empty, the standard server ( is used​.

Installing the Firmware

  1. After you have copied the necessary files to the SD card, turn off your ASIC miner and insert the SD card into the control board’s slot.
  2. Turn on your ASIC miner. After the miner is powered on, it will start an auto tuning process. This process might take up to 2 hours, and it’s important not to interfere with the miner and keep the devices powered on during this time to ensure a successful and error-free operation​1​.


If you encounter any problems during this process or receive error statuses, reach out to the Hiveon support team. Be sure to provide a link for the specific worker that is having issues.

By following these steps, you can upgrade your Antminer L7 with Hiveon’s ASIC firmware, improving your miner’s efficiency and stability and potentially increasing your mining profits.

Remember, always make sure to check that the firmware you are installing is from a trusted source, such as the official Hiveon website. This is to protect your device from malicious software and maintain the security of your mining operation.

This firmware is Supported to all Antminer L7 Devices :

Antminer L7 8800mhs asic miner

Antminer L7 9050mhs asic miner

Antminer L7 9300mhs asic miner

Antminer L7 9500mhs asic miner