Some exciting updates for crypto enthusiasts and miners. Canaan has finally unveiled the much-anticipated Avalon 1466 Miner, and we’re here to break it down for you.

🚀 The Big Reveal 🚀 For the past few weeks, there’s been a buzz on Twitter as Canaan teased us with this new release. Today, we have the full specs, price points, and even the shipping window details. So, let’s dive into what makes this release so special.

📊 Specifications & Price 📊 The Canaan Avalon 1466 comes with two models:

  1. Air Cooled Model (A1466):
    • Hashrate: 150 terahash
    • Efficiency: 21.5 joules/terahash
    • Price: Approximately $2,100

    It’s worth noting that its specs align closely with BitMain’s new S19J XP. The real game-changer? The Avalon’s price. At around $2,100, it’s a steal, especially when compared to the S19JXP which is hovering around $5,000.

  2. Liquid Cooled Model:
    • Hashrate: 170 terahash
    • Efficiency: 19.5 joules/terahash
    • Price: Calculated at 18.88$/terahash

What stands out here is the price point of the air-cooled model. It’s tantalizingly low, making it an appealing choice for many.

Shipping Window Dilemma ⏳ But there’s a catch – the shipping window. The Avalon 1466 won’t be available for delivery until somewhere between Q1 to Q2 of 2024. That’s after the Bitcoin halving, which might be a deal breaker for some.

📉 Performance Analysis 📉 We tried to ballpark its performance against current BTC prices and market conditions. If we were to have the Avalon 1466 today, based on calculations at a 10-cent kilowatt-hour, its profitability might be around $1.70 per day. However, post-halving, these numbers change drastically.

🔍 Comparing with Older Models 🔍 Comparatively, Canaan’s previous flagship, the A1366, isn’t too far behind in specs, suggesting that technological advancements in mining hardware might be plateauing. This could be good news for those who invested in previous models, as their hardware might remain relevant for longer than expected.

Comparison Table

Specification/Model Antminer S21 (Rumored) Antminer S19 Pro Zeely K-10 Ultra Canaan Avalon 1466
Hashrate 200 TH/s 110 TH/s 200 TH/s 150-170 TH/s
Power Consumption 3,000 Watts 3,250 Watts 4,000 Watts ??? Watts
Efficiency 15-19 J/TH 29.5 J/TH 20 J/TH 19.5-21.5 J/TH
Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooled Air Cooled Air and Liquid Cooled



Detailed Comparison:

  1. Hashrate:
    • Antminer S21 matches the Zeely K-10 Ultra with a 200 TH/s mining power, nearly double the S19 Pro and significantly higher than the Avalon 1466.
  2. Power Consumption:
    • Antminer S21 and Zeely K-10 Ultra both offer superior hashrate, but the S21 is more energy efficient, rumored consuming 1,000 Watts less than the K-10 Ultra. When compared to its predecessor, the S19 Pro, the S21 consumes less power while providing significantly higher hashrate.
  3. Efficiency:
    • Antminer S21 sets a new benchmark with a groundbreaking 15-19 J/TH. This is a significant improvement over the S19 Pro and superior to both the Zeely K-10 Ultra and the Avalon 1466.

🔮 Future Predictions 🔮 While the Avalon 1466’s shipping date is a downside, the unveiling gives us a unique foresight into the future of crypto mining. It helps us evaluate the relevance and potential price points of current models.

📣 Final Thoughts 📣 While the Canaan Avalon 1466 promises efficiency at a competitive price, the shipping window might be a challenge. We’re also eager to see how this release affects the prices of older models.

Stay tuned, and keep an eye out for updates on the S21 price point, which will give us more clarity on the current mining landscape.

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